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Karaoke started in 1971 in Kobe, Japan and has grown into a worldwide phenomenon. The karaoke styled machine was invented by Japanese musician Daisuke Inoue but he neglected to patent his invention.

Roberto del Rosario, a Filipino inventor who developed a sing along system in 1975 and patented it in the 1980s called his sing-along system "Minus-One", now holds the patent for the device now commonly known as the "karaoke machine".

Karaoke spread throughout Asia in the 1990's and then to the rest of the world in the 1990's.




San Diego Karaoke Hostess

DJ Layla Loxa

In addition to her experience as a disc jockey, Layla has been a Karaoke Jockey for many years. She was the head KJ as Last Day Bar in San Diego from 2008-2010.

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